Your Intelligent Connectivity as-a-Service

Future-proof your mobile pipeline with a new and exclusive smart mobile solution.

Win more deals using the best intelligent connectivity software and leverage your new capabilities to extend existing contracts.

If you have a focus on LoRaWAN, choose a LoRa-ready solution for easier IoT upgrades.

Your SIMs as-a-Service

SIM management is crucial to win mobile contracts.

B2B clients and end-user customers expect more from their mobile provider, and in today’s SIM card market, most major networks are reluctant to offer analytical functions for dynamic SIMs, and major players supply CDRs, but who wants to scroll through spreadsheets?

Unlock new opportunities with a new-breed mobile management portal.

Bonding as-a-service

Your Bonding as-a-service

Upgrade your estate of 4G internet connections with the best-in-class bonding solution.

If your existing 4G isn’t up to speed and a good 5G signal isn’t available indoors, you can call your customers with confidence and tell them you can (nearly) double their download speed, and improve their bandwidth.

Why use a failover-first bonding product, when you can have a turnkey solution?

Your Fixed IP as-a-service

Scale your IoT pipeline with the best Fixed IP solution.

Static IP solutions are fundamental to maintain a high-quality service for high-risk applications, such as VoIP and CCTV deployments.

Create a sticky offer, win big, and feel supported.

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WiFi as-a-service

Your WiFi as-a-service

Optimise the potential of your connected users with a MIMO wireless solution.

Tardis will design, create, and install an ultra-fast reliable WiFi product that provides the maximum coverage available within any given spcae.

Typical cases are existing offices buildings, site compounds and warehouses.

Fast and secure with a cloud software to provides enterprise-grade connectivity with performance monitoring.

Maximise your wireless, with Tardis.

Your PPE ID as-a-Service

Personal Protection Equipment must be worn to maximise safety and overall wellbeing in selective environments. Construction is an industry where 1.34 people die each year from avoidable errors in judgement. Our PPE CCTV solution maximises your site health & safety initiative, and in our opinion, every site in the UK (as a minimum) should have PPE identification software to give the best chance of avoiding injury.


Your ANPR as-a-service

Traditionally, only the police have used Automatic Number Plate Recognition technology to detect, deter and disrupt criminal activity, whether its local, regional, or national. With our globally unique AI-powered CCTV solution, turn any camera into an ANPR enabled camera. Your cameras can be positioned anywhere, even at home. Protect assets with blue-light level CCTV.

Your VoIP as-a-service

Tardis’ UC solution offers flexibility and freedom like no other provider.

Whether you require a virtual phoneline in your site and sales offices, new homes or a bespoke product across your enterprise, the Tardis VoIP solution can be as basic or as feature rich as you desire. Users are empowered through voice and video calls, instant messaging, and for larger deployments, product, IT and operations managers can manage and monitor video and audio conferencing, from any device, like Teams and Zoom.

With the VoIP market setup for great success beyond the 2025 PSTN switch-off, now is the best time to engage and understand the savings that can be achieved.

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Installation Engineer

Your Installation Engineer as-a-Service

If you don’t have engineering capacity, or you quite simply do not have any field engineers, hire Tardis’ field engineering team for mobile, IoT, VoIP, and CCTV requirements.

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