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14th Mar 2022


What Is A Private Mobile Network (PMN)?

Choosing to build a cellular-based private network gives enterprise the control, flexibility and security necessary for wireless edge connectivity.

For contractors and businesses with a regional or national footprint, a Private Mobile Network is a suitable, cost-effective and secure way to establish a wireless LAN (Local Area Network).

WiFi for LAN isn’t scalable or cost-effective and open 5G/4G may not fit due to availability – that’s why Private Mobile Networks are mostly used in transportation hubs, construction sites and smart cities.

Private Mobile Networks will provide a highly secure and high-performance LAN across large areas.

A PMN leverages local cell towers to provide connectivity, similar to a scaled-down version of a public mobile network. It is a dedicated network that combines the control and fixed cost of a private network with the flexibility, security and macro-network benefits of cellular.

Which hardware is required to create a PMN?

Companies that want to utilise their own Private Mobile Network will need primary equipment; computers, CCTV cameras and sensors.

Smart devices that aggregate to a router or other types of hardware are on the “front line” of a PMN. Equipment examples include 5G/4G mobile broadband routers, smart phones and other end-user equipment that can utilise a Private Mobile Network SIM card.

Small cells are radio access points that can be deployed indoors or outdoors and on licensed, shared or unlicensed spectrum. Small cells allow routers and smart phones to connect to a PMN.

In each mobile network is an EPC (Evolved Packet Core), which is the true brain of the PMN – it can be on-premise or cloud-based. The EPC directs, authenticates and prioritises all data and voice traffic over the mobile network.

Any enterprise can design and build this type of private network, but it is challenging, particularly if knowledge is not on point. Instead, search for a 5G/4G Managed Solutions Provider (MSP) that works with Wireless WAN.