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20th Dec 2022


Top 9 IoT Trends For 2023

4 weeks today, we break up after an incredible 2022.


there are many challenges persisting into 2023.

The current economic position requires enterprise to have a [new] focus on operational efficiencies – a key area for IoT.

Here are my Top 9 IoT trends to look out for in the next year:

1. Mobile LPWA uptake ACCERLATES.

2. Businesses want “GUARANTEED” ROIs.

3. eSIM will be mainstream. Thanks Apple.

4. RAPID RISE in Private Mobile Networks (PMNs).

5. STRONG FOCUS on energy and operational efficiency improvements.

6. Enterprises with a global fleet of IoT devices will face COMPLEX REGS.

7. Organisations are already COST AWARE and will want end-to-end solutions that target particular business outcomes.

8. MUSK has nothing on satellite IoT; yet. Various new networks will launch to add value to terrestrial, mobile and LPWA technologies.


Remember, the top desired results from IoT applications are:

  • Positive impact and sustainability
  • Data visualisation