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5th Nov 2018


Three announce £2bn in 5G!

The 5G fight is on! Three UK announced their investment is to position them as the true market-leader for 5G capability and although they’ve already invested in cell tower upgrades (2500 masts), they’re also acquiring more 5G spectrum and connecting 20 new energy efficient data centres with dark fibre connectivity – Three are more than serious about 5G!

What does this mean for Three UK customers? In short, superior mobile services and in Three’s opinion, could totally replace the need for home fibre broadband! (This is also a personal belief of mine and hasn’t been influenced by Three UK.)

Did You Know: Ofcom suspect the average consumer will be using 13 times the data each month by 2025 – That’s a huge increase! …and because Three UK already offer “All-You-Can-Eat” data packages, the average Three customer uses over 3 times as much data as consumers on EE, Vodafone and O2!

“We have always led on mobile data and 5G is another game-changer. Also described as wireless fibre, 5G delivers a huge increase in capacity together with ultra-low latency. It opens up new possibilities in home broadband and industrial applications, as well as being able to support the rapid growth in mobile data usage. This is a major investment into the UK’s digital infrastructure. UK consumers have an insatiable appetite for data and 5G unlocks significant capability to meet that demand. We have been planning our approach to 5G for many years and we are well positioned to lead on this next generation of technology. These investments are the latest in a series of important building blocks to deliver the best end to end data experience for our customers.” Dave Dyson, CEO, Three UK

What does this mean for construction? TARDIS4G provides Three SIMs in areas where Three has the best coverage, similar to the way we configure devices on other networks. Once Three has upgraded their masts, even in rural areas, all TARDIS4G customers will benefit with immediate effect.

If you’d like to know what the TARDIS4G team and I are planning for the construction industry, please ask! We’d be delighted to shed some light on our pioneering tech!