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2nd Feb 2022


Part 2: Top 6 Reasons For Network Failure IT Pros Won’t Tell You

Part 1 highlighted the key reasons for network failure, which included Support Failures; Config Issues; Power Loss + a few more…

Part 2 is all about prevention of network failure.

Avoiding and minimising network failure

Enterprise requires connectivity products and services that are made to build resiliency and security into any sized network.

Fibre [FTTP] is not the answer.

Mobile broadband and fit-for-purpose equipment is the answer – here’s why:

Below are the Top 6 Solutions IT Pros Won’t Tell You.

Key takeway’s that will help your enterprise network become more resilient and avoid single points of failure.

⚡ Hardware redundancy

Through virtual router redundancy protocols and the use of several Cradlepoint routers, automatic failover is instant and seamless to prevent any WAN failure or connectivity issues.

⚡ Dual carrier connectivity

Utilising wireless 5G/4G connectivity still presents the vulnerability of single linkage. Cradlepoint hybrid routers can use two individual modems and connect up to four different UK mobile operators, which guards against connection failure on any carrier.

 Diverse linkages

By maintaining a diversity of linkages to a remote site, construction companies avoid losing their connections because of the failure of a single link. Cradlepoint devices utilise 5G/4G that can be used together to provide more than a single connection, combined with a wired connection to the same device, or it can act as a dynamic backup device to an existing wired router.

⚡ Dynamic resource scaling

Cradlepoint end-points (routers) are extremely capable of maintaining and activating back-up connections to spread traffic load, which is awesome and has been designed to not overwhelm any single point in a network. Then, when a spike in traffic has passed, the normal network setup is restored.

⚡ Out-of-Band Management

When a device goes down due to a firmware or hardware failure, in-band management becomes impossible. Cradlepoint back-up adapters provide a control interface that can act independently of the failed device, allowing remote personnel to perform testing of said failed device and resolve any issues without needing to access it physically. Massive time saver!

⚡ Multiple DMVPN tunnels

No matter where sites are located, Cradlepoint routers can set up secure Dynamic Multipoint Virtual Private Network (DMVPN) connections to multiple data centres to act as primary and backup connections in the case of any head-end device failure.