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21st Jul 2017


London-based SatCom provider wins contract to lead integration with 5G in Europe

Avanti provides satellite communication services across Europe, Africa and the Middle East, and now it’s been appointed as the Project Coordinator of the Satellite & Terrestrial Network for 5G project (SaT5G).

The SaT5G consortium has sixteen partners, all with links to the telecommunications industry – key partners include Airbus Defence & Space, BT and various educational institutions to conduct research. The good news also involves a number of mobile network operators.

This project will go on until 2020 and is intended to provide the seamless integration of satellite technology into future 5G networks. Having won this massive tender, Avanti will research, develop and validate key technologies to enhance 5G cellular technology. Some of the primary research areas that have been identified for Avanti to address include extending 5G security to satellite and multicast for content distribution. Following on from the research and development phase, live demonstrations are expected to take place at the project’s testbeds in the UK, Finland and Germany.

David Williams, Chief Executive of Avanti, said: “Avanti already leads the world in mission critical 4G satellite backhaul through its $29m contract with EE for the Emergency Services Network. We are proud to be leading the SaT5G project, with great players in the industry, to ensure the integration of satellite communications effectively into the future 5G architecture. “Satellite communication systems will support the ubiquity, resilience and efficiency of 5G services; and open markets by offering exciting new business opportunities in media distribution, transport and underserved areas. 5G is the future and we are pleased to be making progress to ensure Avanti is 5G ready.”

It’s also expected that the project will drive 5G standardisation, and will even contribute to the definition of the 5G system.