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5th May 2022


How Telecommunication and MSPs can Scale with Dropship Data

If the past few years have taught us anything, it is that nothing is certain or guaranteed. You can never be too sure about what’s waiting for you right around the corner. That’s why, during this period of uncertainty, many businesses have turned to alternative sale avenues to guarantee revenue and cut costs. For instance, some have embraced the online world in order to bridge the gap between their products and their customers. However, other businesses weren’t able to make this shift so easily. 

Staying Connected 

As many businesses began to feel disconnected from their loyal customers and target audience. There was one industry looking to ease some of that tension, keeping people and businesses connected. Enter Telecommunication companies, ISPs and MSPs. 

Connectivity has always been a hot commodity, but now more than ever it’s in high demand. Businesses are constantly looking for the newest and best way to stay connected and of course, MSPs are more than happy to oblige. 

But it’s never that easy, right? 

With this increased demand comes increased expectations and a need to scale quickly- often leading to a narrow profit margin for telecommunication companies and MSPs. 

More demand requires more stock, and more space to store that stock. It requires an increased capacity in every way you can think of. Staff, labour, transportation, maintenance teams and on-call engineers. 

You soon end up with a long list of tasks and costs, without the resources to keep up with this growth. But there is a simpler way for Telecommunication companies and MSPs to scale their business without having to take a hit or a risk. 

The solution is Dropship Data.

What is Dropship Data? 

Dropship Data is a new and exclusive club for pioneering partners that wish to focus on growing mobile connectivity and IoT pipelines. 

Dropship Data, created by Tardis Wholesale, operates as a sort of ‘bank’ for any partner. It is an invisible conduit between providers and their customers. Traditional MSPs and ISPs will stock routers, CCTV cameras, SIM cards and all other sorts of critical hardware. This comes at a cost for the partner, generally dictated by the supplier. 

Dropship Data looks to disband this structure and entirely remove the need for capital expenditure, all by banking the stock of all hardware and SIMs on a partner’s behalf. This program essentially operates in a similar way to FBA (fulfilment by Amazon). The difference is – our programme is specifically designed for mobile broadband and connectivity partners in the UK channel space. 

How does it Work? 

  1. A partner creates a Dropship Data order on the Tardis Wholesale portal.
  2. They can then choose the network, the router, or even the type of CCTV cameras they want to use. 
  3. They can also choose and request information on other hardware such as IoT functionalities and our surveillance software. 
  4. Once the partner has identified the requirement on the Tardis Wholesale portal, they enter all the required delivery details for their customer. 
  5. Team Tardis can then fulfil that order branded completely as the partner.
  6. Tardis activates the sim, configures the hardware, and deploys the hardware.
  7.  All the partner has to focus on is billing their client.

That’s it.

Focus on Growing, Marketing and Sales

By outsourcing in this way, MSPs and ISPs can put their energy and resources into other critical areas involved in scaling. Partners can focus on marketing and promoting their connectivity solutions, without having to doubt whether they’ll have the capacity to fulfil orders and satisfy new customers. 

Whether partners provide mobile broadband or installation of DVR and CCTV systems. Dropship Data can aid in any IoT or connectivity endeavour. 

In fact, Tardis Wholesale is allowing companies to focus on the margin for new opportunity. By utilising our knowledge base, we can educate partners on the potential that is accessible in various markets. 

An insight that is yet to be offered by any other organisation in the UK. 

You could say that Dropship Data helps partners unlock a new realm of potential and success. We view ourselves as pioneering and wish for nothing more than to pass that pioneering endeavour to every partner we work with. 

Dropship Data is the future of connectivity – 

The answer for any company, in the telecommunications space, looking to scale, and fast.