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20th Aug 2022


How Do You Sell IoT and Mobile Data?

I’m confident you all know Mobile Data revenues will increase significantly in the years ahead…

But, do you know the factors driving this growth?

It’s all about NOW NOW NOW – no – nothing to do with NOW TV or NOW Broadband, but it does have everything to do with cellular coverage, download speeds and reliability of the mobile networks.

Everyone is aware 5G is faster than 4G, but will it replace all the existing IoT (M2M – Machine-to-Machine) applications, from a decade ago to present day?

Millions of the currently active IoT applications will remain, but there are a lot of new opportunities that require the ultra-low latency of 5G.

Resellers; this is your opportunity to GROW.

A very professional, highly efficient and friendly service, assisting our business by keeping our customers connected. (5* Google Review, Tardis Reseller)

Are you ready to sell Mobile Data?

Understanding this, especially if you’re fresh, is paramount.

  • How do you solve existing customer problems? (Fixed-line / VoIP / CCTV installations / Handsets)
  • What is your current business model? (CAPex – upfront income / OPex – lease model, like PCP car finance)
  • How do you think SIM cards could create more revenue for you?
  • How big is your sales team?
  • How strong is your support team?
  • Which industries do you focus on?
  • Do you like your existing providers?
  • Have you tried offering SIMs before?
  • Do you want to bill your own customers?
  • Does your current supply chain offer SIMs?
  • Which location(s) do you have the most customers?
  • Would you prefer to act as an affiliate, and earn direct commissions?
  • Is your supply chain innovating often enough? (Are they launching new products and services every 6 months?)

Who am I selling Mobile Data to?

Assuming you have an existing mobile-related business and do not require expert guidance, adding alternative SIM solutions can be an easy win, if sold in the right manner.

As an MSP, ISP or VAR, you need to identify wins, fast.

The reality is, your customers will be using at least one other provider for the same service, and the below questions are 100% worth asking, but don’t do go all-in straight away – build, build, build your relationship.

  • Why do your customers trust and buy from you?
  • Engage your customers on price-point
  • Understand where your advantage is, and exploit it!
  • Identify where your customers can cross-sell other mobile solutions
  • Out of an exiting SIM base, how many are less than 10Gb per month
  • Leverage IoT technology for low-use SIMs
  • If you offer pooled data plans, what is the utilisation %?

What do you need to offer Mobile Data?

Ordinarily, you would need to consider the below:

  • Who are the best performing channel suppliers?
  • Can you act professionally on: commercial and business plans; ease of ordering; holistic provisioning and support; fully managed services; own your billing?
  • Consistent training for your sales team
  • Marketing collateral

The reality is, the Dropship Data programme, offered exclusively by Tardis, is the easiest way you, as a reseller, can double your pipeline.

Not only do you white label Tardis’ software as your own, you can offer our [your] portal to your customers – providing the ultimate CX.

That said, if you’re geared-up as a traditional business, the below could be useful information.

What’s next?

DM me [on here] with “MIMO”, and I will send you a link to book a 30 minute chat.

We can chew the fat to uncover your new SIM opportunities.

Based on what I find, Tardis will help you create solutions your customers wish they had sooner – some may be for existing issues – all will be affordable, allowing you to gain a good margin and solving your customers problems.

Win, win. Win.

About Tardis

Tardis is a pioneering provider of various technologies – some are internationally patented.

Direct or wholesale, the intelligent managed connectivity solutions on offer include mobile data, IoT sensors, VoIP, CCTV and video surveillance – fully monitored and managed on one software suite; The Tardis Portal.

Resellers and partners will never be disclosed, but some of the biggest brands and organisations benefit from Tardis’ capabilities, including Amazon, BBC, Google, MoD, and NHS.

Tardis has legacy interest in Security & Defence, Broadcast, Construction and Maritime, but in the last 18 months, Tardis has found great opportunities across the UK through a new reseller network.

There are some amazing prospects across the channel sector.

Be part of the disruption.

Only, with Tardis.