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12th Oct 2022


Go. Mobile. Now.

Do not wait for the PSTN switch-off.

Take the opportunity.

Go mobile.


Openreach is ceasing its traditional copper service in 2025.

That’s less than 26 months away!


  • As of March 31st 2021, there were 4.7m registered companies in the UK – nearly 2.5m still use the old PSTN lines.
  • Millions of telemedicine devices need to go mobile by October 2024.
  • 52,500 ATMs need SIM cards.

Enterprises of all sizes require “last mile” connectivity to be online all the time. What would you do if your business was offline?

There are hundreds of examples where mobile solutions are needed to maintain services.

Any ideas on what they are?

Let me help you.

  • ePOS – Retail
  • Lifts – Smart Buildings
  • CCTV – Smart Security
  • Street furniture – Smart Cities
  • Boats and yachts – Smart Maritime
  • Access control systems – Smart Entry

Mobile is cost-effective

Mobile reduces the need for upfront costs, such as ECC – Extra Construction Costs. Last-mile connectivity by BT, Openreach and similar is expensive. Don’t wait months for installations. Go mobile now.

Mobile is scalable

Mobile enables a business to “upgrade” its connectivity.

Mobile can be monitored, managed and controlled from your fingertips. Mobile is [absolutely] the game-changer enterprise needs, for a whole host of applications, not just copper replacement.

Mobile is flexible

Mobile connectivity is considered standard in several sectors but has unlimited tariffs. Intelligent mobile solutions that can flex on demand are the ultimate.

Mobile is faster

Mobile is a faster solution than FTTP, let alone copper.

LTE-A averages 45Mbps in a satisfactory signal area.

5G averages more than 100Mbps and has a lower latency, which is well-suited for high bandwidth requirements.

For example, the latest fibre solutions for consumers are well under-priced, because they’re designed for homeowners, but business lines and dedicated fibre, are priced as they should be – the latest solutions [on a five-year contract] are more than £300pm!

5G mobile is under £40 on the same contract length.

Mobile is reliable

MOTAM (Managed Over The Air Mobile) seamlessly switches to the strongest network if you have a multi-SIM solution.

But, if you have a single-SIM product, MOTAM can still benefit you and your customers’ businesses – it just has to be a smart mobile solution with a fully managed back-end to work.

You might have heard the terms Intelligent Mobile Data and Intelligent Mobile Connectivity…?

They are popular phrases across the telecoms industry for a reason.

Tardis’ Smart Mobile solutions are the best choice for your business to become smarter, and this will have a knock-on effect to empower your customers to become smarter, which will enable the replacement of PSTN far easier.

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