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25th Nov 2018


EE announces first 5G cities

It doesn’t come as a surprise EE will launch 5G next year, however, the mobile leader has officially given the cities its launching 5G services in 2019!

As expected, London and Manchester are first on the list with Birmingham, Belfast, Cardiff and Edinburgh following soon after. When mobile networks make first-to-the-post announcements, don’t be fooled in thinking it’ll be full-on 5G! (When 4G was rolled-out in 2013, it didn’t have a good enough strategy which is why there are still areas in the UK without 4G, even 3G) 5G is going to be incredible but let’s not get ahead of ourselves – It’ll take years before 5G is fully operational.

The added news which is also very positive from BT Group is the investment going in other locations, including Bristol, Coventry, Glasgow, Hull, Leeds, Leicester, Liverpool, Newcastle, Nottingham and Sheffield. EE’s obviously improving existing infrastructure in the cities where the network get’s the most use, plus, as these areas are the heaviest users, 5G will clearly improve their customer experience with greater speeds and reliability. Did you know: Out of EE’s network, the 1500 masts that will have 5G upgrades (which covers only 15% of the population) carries as much as 25% in data traffic for the entire UK – Wow! Impressive stat!

How do you fancy a 5G phone and a 5G home? Well, 5G-ready smartphones are in the market-place without most of us knowing about it. The popular handsets such as OnePlus and Samsung are all operating on 5G-enabled smartphones and even cooler news for the home, EE will likely develop a 5G home broadband router, replacing the need for fibre broadband (A BIG yes from me!) – This offers far more flexibility for the household – Families will love it!

What does this mean for new homes? TARDIS4G has moved into the smart-home technology space with the partnership of Wondrwall – – Wondrwall’s pioneering innovation, “Intelligent Living” offers a great opportunity for all home owners, not just for new builds – Many developers and new home residents are enjoying home automation already! Although 4G can be used and is being used to connect the Wondrwall system, courtesy of us, the number of connected devices on a true smart-home system is too great for a 4G device – 2019 and beyond is going to be a lot of fun!