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11th Apr 2016


Construction Site Broadband

Have you ever wondered how construction sites get connected? Before I started here, it totally threw me, how do site teams communicate!? IT set-ups, broadband, WiFi and VoIP are considered “after-thoughts”, even by IT departments! It REALLY confuses me because this is the biggest issue all contractors face.

So far this week, I’ve driven about 250 miles, met with IT Directors at a number of medium-sized construction companies and closed all my meetings with a 14-day trial of Tardis 4G.

Tardis 4G is the obvious choice for construction contractors and residential developers because we can provide same-day service and at worst, you and your team will be connected in 2 days – not bad, ay!?

“We have 300 sites live at any one time and the majority of those will eventually go to an ADSL provider however, the time before ADSL arrives is always a nightmare. We found Tardis 3G/4G to be a great solution for us. We’ve used it on hundreds of sites in the last 4 years including Crossrail and London Underground. To begin with, we only used the system to provide internet, but we have up-scaled so it connects to our corporate VPN (Virtual Private Network) and into the WAN (Wide Area Network). This enables all our professionals to access files at head office, gives them full server access and means that we can remotely administer user accounts which has been very efficient.” IT Installation Manager, Costain

If you think your company needs a different approach to IT, whether it be internally or out on sites and marketing suites, Tardis 4G has all the answers, very cost-effectively