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19th Sep 2017


Apple and 5G

California will play home to Apple’s 5G testing. The popular manufacturer was granted a license to conduct 5G trials on the basis it could only do it for 12 months but this is geared towards 5G compatible products for when 5G is launched – a 5G iPhone and iPad is definitely in the frame.

Tests will focus on short-range mm wave spectrum in the 28GHz and 39GHz bands which have been approved for commercial 5G use last year, in America. Apple has filed a number of patents in recent months: a wireless patch antenna and an iPhone case incorporating wireless charging – competitive with Huawei and Samsung!

The announcement of Apple is interesting as this is the first development from the manufacturer side, not an operator. Do remember, Samsung launched their 5G-ready trials four years ago!

The mobile data market is enormous and Apple doesn’t want to miss out on any opportunities. A lot of work behind closed doors is happening which can only be good for consumers, households and businesses.