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11th Apr 2022


5 Benefits to Wireless WAN Your Supplier Hasn’t Told You

What is Wireless WAN (WWAN)?

Mobile broadband [MBB] is faster, more reliable and has the ability to benefit from greater security than ever before (thanks to Cradlepoint), which is great news for IT professionals and anyone that uses a modern, cellular Wide Area Network (WAN).

Originally launched on LTE (4G), WWAN now works on the latest 5G-enabled technology and it is the next step in cellular network transformation to enable connectivity to things, places and people, anywhere.

WWAN provides greater agility, security and simplicity for its administrators and users.

WWAN is tomorrow’s connectivity, today

Mobile wireless has always been a perfect solution for business continuity and connecting critical assets in places traditional wired set-ups struggle to reach, such as plant vehicles, remote workers and construction sites – modern 5G/4G networks are more pervasive and achieve much faster speeds with the deployment of pioneering Gigabit-class connectivity.

The Wireless WAN era is upon us because there is genuine commercial appetite for companies to utilise broader wireless mobility – WWAN, through Cradlepoint and Ericsson, is fast becoming the preferred broadband solution for branched networks, remote sites and scalable IoT applications.

For many businesses, cloud applications and mobility resilience are the two keys to maintain efficient operations – WWAN enables flexibility and a unified approach to connecting things, places and people, anywhere.

The next generation of mobile connectivity can uniquely combine reach and reliability through greater agility, security and simplicity – exactly what all types of users require for the best experience in 5G. 

Connectivity beyond locations (without wires!)

The demand for WAN routers is growing dramatically as companies expand beyond fixed locations.

Connected vehicles and IoT devices exploded in 2021, which is just the beginning.  

How to get started with Wireless WAN…

⚡ Improving network reliability

Through SD-WAN and QoS capabilities, enterprises can acutely control network traffic while ensuring high availability.

There are several UK-based contractors [with a European footprint] who have decided to go totally wireless for both WAN and Local Area Network (LAN) with Cradlepoint’s all-in-one routers, allowing for better uptime and improving overall performance.

⚡ Strengthening network security

Wireless WANs have integrated security capabilities beyond wired connections, such as SIM card authentication and private APNs, nornally found at network level, but Tardis is its own network.

Via Cradlepoint, construction companies are scaling IoT solutions and Wireless WAN to provide individual and secure networks for remote deployments, utilising smart devices and connected sensors.

⚡ Increasing network flexibility

Cellular cloud-controlled wireless-edge solutions are simple to deploy and easy to relocate. Routers [and adapters] can be moved to a new site without the pain and expense of pulling out cable. 

Many residential developers benefit from Cradlepoint’s NetCloud Manager via the Tardis Portal, coupled with Tardis’ SIM management, to improve their remote site visibility.

⚡ Getting a faster network

Gigabit mobile connectivity can go further, faster.

5G/4G-A offers fibre-fast download speeds and this contributes to overall expansion of all types of businesses.

⚡ Enabling network scalability

From smart buildings and vehicles to IoT devices and people, enterprise networks can grow incredibly fast.

5G mobile networks are designed to support millions of routers and adapters across a seamless nationwide footprint.

Be innovative.

Start by running your own hybrid WAN solution on-premise and let your Managed Solution Provider prove their Proof of Concept (PoC).

Improve operational efficiency.

Reduce downtime.