Intelligent Connectivity as-a-Service

Intelligent mobile connectivity enables you to achieve more, faster, and with fewer resources.

The Tardis Portal is an intuitive, easy-to-use cloud management platform designed for businesses to simplify the configuration, deployment, operation and troubleshooting of field-based endpoints, and anything on your WAN.

IT or not, we can help you, and so does the portal.

In 2023, the tech industry is already looking at 2033 and possibly beyond.

Level-up with Tardis.

SIMs as-a-Service

Tardis Mobile offers SIMs across all UK MNOs, and several other operators across the EU and North America.

Dynamic SIMs for general mobile broadband use are most popular, but M2M/IoT and eSIMs offer the greatest scale. Regardless of application, and despite our main market being the UK, Tardis connects devices around the world.

Selecting the right mobile network connectivity, with the right tariff can be complex and heavy on time – not good for operations, especially if you are new to mobile or unsure on your client needs. Tardis’ dedicated approach to client experience means you always have the best team on-hand to support your SIM connectivity and SIM management requirements.

Bonding as-a-service

Bonding as-a-service

Ultimate WAN Connectivity: True Bonding for Unmatched Reliability and Speed

Broadband bonding refers to the combination of multiple internet connections to form a single, more reliable, and faster connection. This technology is used to improve network reliability, increase network capacity, and reduce the cost of internet service. There are three main types of broadband bonding: load balancing, true bonding, and hybrid bonding.

WAN BOX’s True bonding solution, also known as failover bonding, combines multiple internet connections to provide a single, fast connection. In the event of a connection failure, data is automatically redirected to another connection to ensure that the user does not experience any downtime. True bonding is best for users who require maximum reliability and high speeds, as it provides a more robust connection compared to load balancing.

In conclusion, broadband bonding provides a more reliable, faster, and cost-effective internet connection by combining multiple WAN connections.

Fixed IP as-a-service

Fixed IP solutions enable secure and scalable communication between server and cloud-based applications.

A fixed IP SIM card is provisioned with its own unique public or private IP address, and each time it connects to the network, the address remains the same. For many CCTV and security companies, this connectivity remains required to ensure devices are accessible, remotely.

Tardis’ unlimited data FIP solutions come as SIM-based and solution-based, subject to requirement.

When you or your customers need better security, visibility, and control over your connected devices, choose Fixed IP as-a-Service.

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WiFi as-a-service

WiFi as-a-service

Optimise the potential of your connected users with a MIMO wireless solution.

Tardis will design, create, and install an ultra-fast reliable WiFi product that provides the maximum coverage available within any given spcae.

Typical cases are existing offices buildings, site compounds and warehouses.

Fast and secure with a cloud software to provides enterprise-grade connectivity with performance monitoring.

Maximise your wireless, with Tardis.

PPE ID as-a-service

Personal Protection Equipment must be worn to maximise safety and overall wellbeing in selective environments. Construction is an industry where 1.34 people die each year from avoidable errors in judgement. Our PPE CCTV solution maximises your site health & safety initiative, and in our opinion, every site in the UK (as a minimum) should have PPE identification software to give the best chance of avoiding injury.

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ANPR as-a-service

ANPR as-a-service

Traditionally, only the police have used Automatic Number Plate Recognition technology to detect, deter and disrupt criminal activity, whether its local, regional, or national. With our globally unique AI-powered CCTV solution, turn any camera into an ANPR enabled camera. Your cameras can be positioned anywhere, even at home. Protect assets with blue-light level CCTV.

VoIP as-a-service

Tardis’ UC solution offers flexibility and freedom like no other provider.

Whether you require a virtual phoneline in your site and sales offices, new homes or a bespoke product across your enterprise, the Tardis VoIP solution can be as basic or as feature rich as you desire. Users are empowered through voice and video calls, instant messaging, and for larger deployments, product, IT and operations managers can manage and monitor video and audio conferencing, from any device, like Teams and Zoom.

With the VoIP market setup for great success beyond the 2025 PSTN switch-off, now is the best time to engage and understand the savings that can be achieved.

Installation engineer

Installation Engineer as-a-service

If you don’t have engineering capacity, or you quite simply do not have any field engineers, hire Tardis’ field engineering team for mobile, IoT, VoIP, and CCTV requirements.

White Label

Small business or international company, make the Tardis Portal, Your Portal.

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